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My Precious Sergieth

By Jeremiah Yip

As our eyes meet I feel such warmth
your eyes sparkle like the brightest shining star
Your lips so smooth like the petal of a flower
you smile so precious to me

Your fragrance so sweet
like the smell of fresh honey
You are very precious and beautiful to me
the sweetest girl in this world

I will always be waiting
patiently for you

Every day I pray
you will be always smiling
always shining
always sweet

I am abundantly blessed for you in my life
I will cherish you always to the ends of the earth

You will always be in my heart
I will always be here waiting for a place in your heart

I will always be with you
together with you in heaven

Copyright ©2009 Jeremiah Yip

To My Love

By Jeremiah Yip

Wind blows as your beautiful hair flows
Just to see you brightens my day

The sky is so blue whenever I am with you
Although it is never as blue as when I see your smile

Even in the brightest of days
When the sun is glowing
Nothing is as bright as you are in my life
With everything there is in the world
Nothing is more precious than you

You are my darling and everything to me
May our hearts grow stronger for each other
As I pray each new day

Copyright ©2003 Jeremiah Yip

printed in "Whimsical Recollections" of The International Library of Poetry


Light in the Night

By Jeremiah Yip

Dark as far as my eyes can see
flash of light at the distance

Light comes towards you
the glow is bright but subtle

As you move towards the light
it is warm
yet very still

Once at the light you
find what is missing

It was I who had been
waiting for you

My heart just beating
warm and patiently waiting for you

Copyright ©2003 Jeremiah Yip

printed in "The Colors of Life" of The International Library of Poetry

Angel of Light

By Jeremiah Yip

Light shines
as you walk through the door

Warm air fills the room
as you walk further in

A glow around every part
of your beauty

Flash of light with
shapes of you

You are an angel of
heart, warmth and love

Whenever I see you
everything is bright and beautiful

It is you
that makes my life shine

Copyright ©2003 Jeremiah Yip

Life in the Wind

By Jeremiah Yip

A whisper in the wind of a new born child
The breeze soft as the skin of a child
Great joy given to the wise, their gift
Treasured by the wise and raised by them

Death may pass by
The child never meets the wisest
Learned by his peers at times may be good
Therefore, Sometimes bad with much influence

With grievances of passed connections
Growth from child to adult with many lessons
Higher above with many teachings
Adult is now the wise as the carrier of children

Now years past among naught left
Live life as no such more time
Everyday is heaven and joy
Naught left as all known about life itself

Copyright ©2003 Jeremiah Yip

Flower of You

By Jeremiah Yip

Curves like the pedals
of a white pure flower
Skin sof and silky
like the beautiful pedals

It is your soft touch
that brings me peace and happiness
Your smile brings joy and
nothing is solemn

Everything is always great
With all that there is
nothing is at all remarkable

Nor is comparable to you
than a flower of you

Copyright ©2003 Jeremiah Yip

Drops of Love

By Jeremiah Yip

Rain drops fall for you
each drop shows my love for you
Time is a peace and
an essense of truth

Love is a radiance
the sun shines through
You are my time of truth
and my love in the sun

When rain is falling it
is me crying of longing
Soulfully waiting to see you again

Rain is my love for you
and you are my sun
Which completes us together
in any weather

Copyright ©2003 Jeremiah Yip

Gratitude to Grandma

By Jeremiah Yip

I wish to see you once more
Time passed by and now you are gone
My life given by you
You will always be in my heart

You are my guardian angel
Looking down from above
You are with Him
With the many wonders

If there was one thing
I'll never regret
Would be the time we spent
You cared for me here and will

I will cherish your love
Forever in my heart

I love you grandma

Copyright ©2003 Jeremiah Yip

Qualities of a Beauty

By Jeremiah Yip

Your smile is as bright
as the morning sun
Beautiful eyes sparkle
as a perfectly cut diamond

You will always be with me
both near and far
You are as sweet
as the smell of roses

Skin as soft as snow on a mountain
With every breath
you will always be
in my heart

Copyright ©2004 Jeremiah Yip

    © Jeremiah Yip

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